Social issues

2015 to highlight social issues for University Campaign

Final project for University – I  decided to set up photoshoots and encourage target audience to participate and create a social campaign together. My vision was to highlight different issues in society today including – separation with technological gadgets, the objectification of women, social bullies and the stigma around anxiety/depression. 

I chose portrait photography to help the audience identify with each image, believing the power of visual impact and human emotions would achieve the purpose in a way other forms of media would not.

Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 23.09.01
Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 23.08.16
Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 23.16.12 1
Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 23.08.30
Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 23.08.44

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